Anonymous asked:

Palestinian Christian here. If you're against the Christians, you're against our Muslim brothers and sisters. Also, we're not against the Jews. We're against Zionists. There's a huge difference.

jewishpolitics answered:

Oh yeah, there’s so much difference between hating Jews and hating the Jewish state…wow yeah, such a big line. 

And who said we’re against Christians? Christians are just as free in Israel as they are anywhere else. In fact, Christians are safer in Israel than any other places in the Middle East. 


overstating asked:

How do I explain to the ignorant that Israel is not attacking citizens? They call it war crimes, as if those homes and buildings aren't housing dangerous people and weapons. I have tried my hardest to explain why they are attacking these areas but people just keep saying "but children died." Yes, they did, because they're either child soldiers or Hamas wouldn't let them evacuate! UGH. How do I get it through their thick skulls?

freeisrael answered:

You’re basically talking to a wall with those kinds of people. They’ve already decided what they want to believe and have no interest in changing their mind, no matter what new information comes up.

If you want to try, this article ( is a cogent way to show why those death tolls are not evidence of morality.

One of the strongest things to ask is why are there still rockets from Gaza at all. Ask them, “If Israel wants to kill as many civilians as possible, why don’t they just carpet bomb Gaza into a parking lot? They have the technology. It’d be a 3 hour operation that stop those rockets permanently.”

They’ll stammer about how “it’d anger the UN” or something, but push them on it. The UN condemns Israel constantly, fails to actually do anything in Syria, Yemen, Iran, etc.

So why would Israel (a country that supposedly commits genocide) risk their own people by using ground troops and precision strikes?